ONE ONE ONE automatic digital platform promising to give maximum EFFECTIVE FOR ADVERTISERS from the AZERBAIJAN INTERNET market.

What gives ads on Adsgarden.com?

Our team is about our way and goals

  • When did we start?

    With a centralized system, advertisers can advertise their products and services on the country's leading sites and portals, and monitor the effectiveness of ads on a daily basis.
    In 2015, we set out as a small team. We started official tests 1 year later. We have successfully completed our tests with more than 100 publishers and 10 advertisers. From June 2017, we have decided to open the global market with a fully updated system. Our first goal after Azerbaijan is Turkey

  • Our team

    The offered services and ad forms are updated every day. It is also possible to create customized offers on customer specific preferences.

  • Our goal

    We are a stable income source for advertisers. You can now convert your site's and portal's readership into a revenue-generating mechanism. Each internet resource is selected by the AdGarden family with a special approach and provides free advice to help them get more revenue.